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Have you had an accident on the water? Maritime law applies to incidents that take place in navigable waters and regulates a variety of possible events and activitiesWe work with longshoremen, seaman, and passengers to ensure equal and fair representation. 

 Dock Incidents
 Boat Crashes
 Hearing Loss



hard hat safety
When you need a lawyer for a workplace injury, you want a law firm that knows workers’ compensation law. Have you been hurt and need to see if you have a case? Call us today! Our team will work tirelessly to get you the money you deserve for your on-the-job injury.

 Complex Litigation
 On-the-Job Injuries
 Compensation for Medical Expenses



General litigation can be anything from a dispute about a will, consumer fraud, various contracts, marriage, or divorce. Let our specialized attorneys provide the guidance you need to navigate any legal situation. Contact us today!

Speeding Tickets
 Wills and Estate Planning
 Legitimation, Divorce, and Immigration



military jet
We help civilian employees who have suffered a serious injury working on a government contract anywhere outside the United States on U.S. Military bases. There are circumstances where we can simply help with claims or in more complex cases, represent you to fight for a defense base act claim on your behalf. When your case is over, you will know we fought for you and your rights.

 Overseas Military Bases
 Government Contractors
 Death Benefits

We are a bilingual law firm offering services in both English and Spanish.

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