Questions to Ask Your Doctor After An Accident

One of the most stressful experiences is being injured in an unexpected accident at the hands of another’s negligence, recklessness, or misconduct. When this happens, many people are too shocked to realize the correct course of action and because of this, end up single-handedly ruining their own claim before it has a fighting chance. Once you are able to do so, it is vital you seek medical attention immediately and get started on fighting for your rights. This is a crucial step in the process as your primary care physician will play a significant role in verifying your claim.

If you sustain an injury due to no fault of your own, be sure to ask your doctor these pressing questions:

  • What are my injuries and how serious are they? Be sure to document the severity of your injuries according to your doctor’s opinion, as you may not realize the full extent of how dangerous they may be.
  • Can I return to work? If so, when? Many people are eager to return to work and get back on their feet as quickly as possible. However, only a medical professional can allow you the go-ahead to do so.
  • How long will recovery take? Though it may be difficult to predict, your doctor may provide an approximate window of how long you will be in pain. For some people, healing may take months or years. Ask your doctor how long here she believes it will take you to recover including ongoing medical care, treatment, and further procedures.
  • How did I sustain these injuries? Perhaps the most important question of all, asking your doctor his or her expert opinion about the source of your injuries only strengthens your claim.
  • Do I need medication? Depending on your injuries and how painful they are, your doctor may recommend medication to relieve discomfort and other debilitating symptoms.

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