Can I Travel While Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits?

From spring trips and summer vacations to fall and winter holidays, there are plenty of reasons to travel throughout the year. Every hardworking American deserves a vacation, including those who have suffered injuries on the job.

Employees who are currently qualified for workers’ compensation can still travel while still receiving their benefits. However, travel does come with several risks that could jeopardize a workers’ comp claim.

Here are several things to consider when planning a trip:

  • Obey your doctor’s recommendations – To avoid aggravating your injury, your doctor will tell you to avoid certain types of physical activity to make sure you make a full recovery. If your vacation consists of fun activities such as hiking, surfing, jet-skiing, ziplining, or even skydiving, engaging in any of these activities can result in re-injury. Additionally, traveling can be physically exhausting due to carrying heavy luggage or being seated for hours on end. Take steps to avoid strenuous activity and follow your doctor’s orders.
  • Avoid missing or rescheduling a doctor’s appointment – You must make all scheduled appointments with your doctor, specialist, physical therapist, or any other healthcare provider to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you take a long vacation and miss an appointment or even attempt to change your appointment, you could lose your benefits because these types of actions can be interpreted as a failure to comply with medical treatment provided by your employer’s insurer.
  • You are always being watched – Whenever an employee receiving workers’ compensation benefits travels, insurance companies often hire an investigator to observe your actions and determine if such actions jeopardize your claim. However, not only should employees keep an eye out for investigators, but they should also be mindful of what they share on social media. If you post pictures or videos of you participating in restricted activities, your employer could use such footage to void your claim.

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