How Social Media Can Harm Your Workers' Compensation Claim

Social media has a nearly unavoidable presence in our lives nowadays, beckoning us to share every detail of our lives with friends, family, acquaintances, and co-workers. For most, this is a useful tool that keeps us feeling connected in ways that were previously impossible. However, if you are in the midst of a workers’ compensation dispute, this could irreparably harm your case and chances of receiving these vital benefits. Keep in mind that the insurance company will make a considerable effort to closely observe you, including your online presence, and will use any potentially incriminating posts against you to reduce or eliminate your ability to receive compensation.

You might think that a post might seem innocent enough, but anything can be taken out of context. For example, you might simply be trying your best to appear happy and decide to post a photo of a fun outing with some friends in which you are smiling and appear to be enjoying yourself. For an insurance company, this could be the perfect ammunition they need to use against you and argue that you are being dishonest and are not as impacted by your injuries as you claim to be.

To ensure your social media presence does not jeopardize your workers’ compensation claim, consider some of these helpful tips below:

  • Stop using social media: Ultimately, the most effective way to prevent the possibility of your social media usage from harming your workers’ compensation claim is to stop using it altogether and to either delete or suspend your accounts until your case achieves a resolution.
  • Adjust your privacy settings: Staying off social media is not a reasonable solution for everyone. Regardless of your reasons for having to maintain your online presence, you need to take care to adjust your settings so that all of your accounts are private and severely limit who is able to see your posts.
  • Nothing is ever deleted: Deleting posts does not mean they are gone, so you should always think twice before you post something. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if you would mind if the insurance company saw what you are about to post and, if the answer is yes or you are not sure, refrain from posting it.
  • Ask your friends and family not to tag you in posts: The insurance company will not only follow your online activity but the online activity of your friends and family as well, so be sure to ask them not to tag you in any posts, photos, or to discuss your case. Impressing the importance of privacy at this time is critical, so make sure they understand and respect your wishes.
  • Do not discuss your condition or your case: If you need to talk about the details of your case, contact your attorney. Under no circumstances should you ever discuss its details or your injuries on social media.

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