What Are the Most Common Occupational Illnesses?

Thousands of workers are injured and file workers’ compensation claims every year. Even in seemingly safe work environments, an employee can develop a harmful condition or sustain an injury from an accident. In fact, some of the most common injuries are developed over a span of time rather than a result of a one-time incident.

Below is a list of some of the most common occupational illnesses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s 2010 study of non-fatal injuries and occupational illnesses:

1.Sprains, strains, or tears: About 43% of these injuries occur as a result of employees overexerting themselves, with 36% of them affecting the back. While shoulder injuries are not as common, they typically require more time off from work than back injuries.

2.Musculoskeletal disorders: The second most common occupational illness are musculoskeletal disorders, which encompasses rotator cuff disorders, carpal tunnel, and other non-specified pain. These injuries are particularly common among orderlies, nurses, and attendants and have experienced an increase in frequency over the years.

3.General soreness or pain: Overall body pain is commonly reported among those in labor jobs, especially those involving transportation and warehousing. 11% of those suffering from this condition required recovery at home or a convalescence center.

4.Bruises and contusions: While these might not seem too serious, even contusions and bruising required an average of 4 days off from work in order to heal. Unsurprisingly, transportation and warehouse workers also suffer the highest rate of experiencing these injuries than workers in other industries and occupations.

5.Cuts and lacerations: Most cuts and lacerations involve incidents with work-related equipment and fingers are often the body parts most susceptible to these wounds. Workers in the refuse and recyclable material collection industry suffer these injuries the most.

6.Fractures: These injuries generally require up to a month of time off from work to recover. Those most vulnerable to these injuries are workers in the hunting industry, followed by mining, and construction.

7.Burns and scalds: Employees most likely to suffer burns or scalds from heat were, of course, food service employees who have frequent exposure to heat, including stovetops and boiling water.

8.Back pain: Intercity and transit bus drivers suffered the most back-related injuries, whether alone or in conjunction with other ailments, compared to other workers in other industries or occupations.

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