Tips for the Independent Medical Examination

If you are in the process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits after having sustained an injury while performing your work duties, you will likely be asked to attend an independent medical examination. If the insurance company sets up an examination for you, it is important that you are well prepared for it to avoid making any mistakes that can potentially cost you the benefits you need to get back on your feet.

We have compiled a list of tips for you, so you can better protect yourself during this exam:

  • Bring a friend: If you can get a friend or family member to go with you to your independent medical exam, you should. He or she can take notes on everything that occurs during the exam and act as a witness later on if there are some disputes over what took place. Having a friend with you will also likely keep the doctor from being rude to you or trying to intimidate you. However, make sure your friend understands that he or she is not expected to speak during the exam.
  • Ask for a copy of the report: Until you have a complete copy of the independent medical examination, you should refuse to discuss what occurred with the insurance adjuster.
  • Point out inaccuracies or incompleteness: If you have a full copy of the report, you can review it and highlight anything that might be inaccurate or incomplete. You could also use material from your own medical records to point out any issues.
  • An unfair examination: if your examination was unfair, superficial, brief, or taken without obtaining a thorough medical history from you, you should point this out to the insurance adjuster. This is another reason why bringing a friend with you can be helpful – you can tell the adjuster that you had someone with you and he or she can support your claim.
  • A negative independent medical examination: If your report is extremely negative and the insurance adjuster is heavily relying on it to deny you a fair settlement, you could ask your own doctor to write a response. Preferably, your doctor should be the specialist who has been treating you since you were injured.
  • Find out about the independent medical examination doctor’s relationship with your employer’s insurance company: Make a formal request, in writing, to find out the number of independent medical examination referrals the insurance company has given that particular doctor over the past five years, how much he or she is paid for each exam, and how many times the doctor performed for plaintiff’s attorneys over the same period of time. Of course, it is highly unlike the adjuster will provide any of this information, but refusing your request will put him or her on the defensive.

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