Five Occupations with a High Risk of Hearing Loss

If you’ve ever been around loud noises, you know how painful it can be for your ears. It should come as little surprise that workers who are around these noises every day are at a significantly higher risk of occupational hearing loss. Even with specialized hearing protection, the risk is always present, especially in these occupations with an extremely elevated risk.


Hearing loss is the most commonly-reported conditions in manufacturing, making up one out of every nine recorded illness cases. Manufacturing plants are full of loud, large, and constantly-running machinery that can have all sorts of negative ramifications for a worker’s hearing.


Construction sites are full of all sorts of loud noises. Whether you’re working with heavy machinery that uses huge engines to move massive objects, or using other power tools that make an awful din while doing their job, it’s easy to be exposed to noise levels well above 100 decibels.

Mechanics and Motorsports

If you’ve ever driven by an auto mechanic’s shop, including a body shop, you’ve probably heard just how loud some of the tools they use can be. Air wrenches, grinding wheels, cutters, paint guns, and more can all be extremely loud and cause damage to a worker’s hearing. This is extra true for mechanics in the world of motorsports, where the vehicles themselves often have little to no noise dampening.

Airport Staff

Airliner mechanics, inspectors, baggage handlers, traffic directors, and many other airport staff members are exposed to the incredible noise that jet engines make, especially in close proximity. You often see these workers on the tarmac with massive hearing protection cups over their ears, but even then their hearing could be at a significant risk with just how much noise these aircraft produce.

Entertainment & Nightlife

Have you ever gone out for a night to a night club, concert, bar with live music, or any other nightlife hotspot? Odds are you may have come home with your ears ringing from the blasting music. Imagine having to deal with those conditions on multiple nights every single week. Bartenders, security guards, cleanup staff, and even technical workers in these industries are often exposed to deafening noise levels without hearing protection of any kind.

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