How Do Convenience Packs Affect My Workers' Compensation?

Are you or a loved one receiving medications and supplies under workers’ compensation in the form of “convenience packs?” If you are, there is a solid likelihood that you are being taken advantage of without your knowledge.

For those who are unaware, convenience packs or co-packs are bundles of medications and supplies that are packaged together to help injured and ill patients ensure they receive proper doses on a regular basis. While this sounds like an excellent idea on the surface, the supposed “convenience” of these packs ends up being far overshadowed by their exorbitant markup in price. Medications and supplies included in convenience packs are oftentimes sold at a substantially higher price than what they would have normally cost on their own – in many cases, being priced at triple their individual value.

For example, a tube of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Voltaren® Gel only costs $60 on its own. When combined into a co-pack with antibacterial wipes, however, the cost is suddenly in excess of $500 – more than 9 times the original price. No pack of antibacterial wipes is worth $440.

Whether it be combining topical ointments with bandages or pain medications with anti-inflammatory drugs, these packages allow pharmaceutical companies to charge unfair fees while providing no real added value to the consumer. When considering the fact that individuals receiving workers’ compensation only have access to a finite amount of funds in their settlement, this scheme can be devastating. Workers can end up surrendering a sizable chunk of their much-needed benefits to pharmaceutical providers for packs that they do not even need, causing them to quickly burn through their settlement and be left with the cost of their remaining medical expenses.

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