Labor Department Calls for Federal Oversight of Workers' Comp

A new report from the United States Department of Labor asserts that state workers compensation laws are heading in the “wrong direction,” calling for the “exploration” of federal oversight and federal minimum benefits. According to NPR, the Labor Department effort was stimulated by a letter written in fall 2015 by 10 Democratic lawmakers requesting the department step in and aid injured workers due vanishing worker protections and changing workers’ comp policies in 33 different states.

The Labor Department’s report highlights how over the past 10 years, several states across the country have enacted laws, changes, and policies which have made it considerably more difficult for injured workers to get the benefits they need, with states such as Texas and Oklahoma having created “opt out” alternative programs which essentially give employers the authority to single out injured workers for unequal treatment. As such, the department has proposed federal intervention in the form of standards which would prompt oversight from the federal government in the event that state workers’ comp programs should fail to meet those standards.

With workers’ comp-related legislation being introduced in many states, the federal government’s interest in the matter is steadily rising, with further action likely to continue depending on the outcome of the upcoming November presidential election. For more information on this important issue, head over to the original article posted on HR Drive.

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