Common Injuries Claimed Under Workers Compensation

Nobody ever expects to suffer an injury at work. In fact, many employers dedicate a considerable portion of their time and budgets to educating workers on proper safety procedures and overhauling facilities to adhere to modern safety codes. Unfortunately, as we all know, accidents can happen anywhere, leaving workers with expensive medical bills and forcing them to spend valuable time away from work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 1 million workers suffer a work-related injury or illness each year. While workers can be injured in a variety of ways, some are more common than others.

The 10 most common injuries claimed under workers’ compensation include:

  1. Overexertion: When an employee pushes, pulls, lifts, or throws something with excessive force, muscles can become strained or pulled or joints are forced to extend beyond their normal range of motion, causing injury. Overexertion injuries are common in construction work, industrial jobs, or any other type of occupation which relies on physical labor.
  2. Slips, trips, and falls: Most slip and fall claims are related to wet and slippery floors throughout the workplace, though they can also arise as a result of cluttered walkways, torn carpeting, broken tiles, missing handrails, or snow. Slip and fall claims are common among security workers, groundskeepers, and store clerks who fall due to freshly-mopped floors or while patrolling the perimeter of the building.
  3. Falls to lower level: A fall to lower level occurs when a person falls from a ladder, roof, or flight of stairs, causing injury. These injuries are common in construction workers, roofers, and other workers who frequently travel up and down stairs.
  4. Bodily reaction: Bodily reaction injuries occur when a person attempts to compensate for a slip or trip and does not fall, but sustains an injury in the process such as a sprained ankle. Bodily reaction injury claims are frequently filed by nurses and police officers.
  5. Struck by object: Exactly as it sounds, these injuries involve a person being hit by something which has fallen from a shelf or dropped by a worker on a higher level. Restaurant and retail workers are particularly susceptible to these types of injuries, though a fair amount of struck by object claims are filed by office workers as well.
  6. Struck against an object: Individuals who fall into a rigid, stationary object such as a bookshelf or barricade can become injured.
  7. Highway incidents: Truck drivers, police officers, and other workers who frequently travel can become injured in traffic collisions on the roadways.
  8. Machinery accidents: Workers in industrial occupations or other jobs which require the regular use of large machinery can suffer horrific injuries which are often crushing or mutilating in nature. Machinery accidents often carry prohibitively high medical costs and have life-changing consequences.
  9. Repetitive stress injuries: Workers in occupations which require them to perform the same or similar motions over and over can develop painful conditions such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and bursitis – some of which can require extensive surgeries to be corrected. Jobs which require constant typing, scanning barcodes, manipulating small objects, or working on an assembly line carry a higher risk of repetitive stress injury.
  10. Workplace violence: Incidents of workplace violence such as shootings, assaults, robberies can be devastating, resulting in severe injury or death.

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