Are Prosthetic Limbs Covered by Workers' Compensation?

One of the severest workplace injuries is a full limb amputation. This injury typically occurs most often in an industrial setting, such as a machining factory, or in commercial vehicle collisions. Workers are devastated by the outcome of an amputation and the pain caused by the loss of limb, including phantom pain, can be excruciating for years to come.

Helping someone recover from an amputation is crucial. Prosthetic limbs are regarded as a great solution. Not only do they provide a feel of normalcy again, many prosthetics are actually advances enough to restore some utility and dexterity. As technology advances, prosthetic hands are getting better at gripping, prosthetic legs with knee and ankle joints are getting better at making walking feel natural, and people are capable of adapting to amputation injuries much easier.

With prosthetics being so useful, but also quite costly, the question arises, “Does workers’ compensation cover prosthetic limbs?”

You Might Have to Fight for Coverage

In most situations, there is no guarantee that a workers’ compensation benefits package will cover the cost of prostheses and artificial limbs. But there is also rarely a statute that says they will not.

Due to this case-by-case principle regarding gaining prosthetic limbs, or repairing a damaged prosthetic limb, it is important for injured workers to be thorough when filing their claims. If you are in such a situation, you need to be clear about why you require a prosthetic and might want to include how much they cost. If your claim is denied, keep records and copies of everything and get ready to make a lawsuit. You deserve the best treatment after a workplace accident, and a legal fight might be necessary to get it.

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