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Protecting against caught-in or -between hazards is essential

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Working with machinery or equipment in the construction industry in Georgia can be dangerous. Avoiding caught-in or -between hazards is crucial to preventing personal injuries from occurring. Here’s some information about spotting these potential hazards and creating a safer work environment.

Common caught-in or -between hazards on a construction site

A caught-in or -between hazard typically happens when bodily parts are crushed in between machinery parts. An example would be having a finger pulled inside of a machine and crushed.

Knowing some of the common caught-in or -between hazards to look for on a construction site can help you avoid having a problem with them. Here are several more examples:

  • Heavy equipment that could tip over
  • Workers moving between equipment or vehicles
  • Unprotected trenches and excavations
  • Unguarded moving parts on machinery

Preventing injuries from occurring

Preventing workers from getting hurt on a construction site involves setting and following specific rules. Adhering to safety guidelines can be the difference between getting injured and completing a job without incident. Here’s a short list of rules that can help workers avoid caught-in or -between accidents:

  • Utilize machinery and equipment with proper guards.
  • Never place your body in between immovable structures and moving materials.
  • Always be aware of the equipment around you.
  • Turn off vehicles before performing maintenance or repairs.
  • Avoid wearing loose jewelry or clothing.

Staying safe and avoiding injuries on a construction site means keeping a lookout for caught-in or -between hazards. Being proactive should help reduce or eliminate problems and keep efficiency and productivity high.