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What to do after suffering a slip-and-fall accident at work

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Uncategorized |

While you try to be as safe as possible at work in Georgia, accidents happen. It’s impossible to avoid all accidents, but a slip and fall is often preventable. If you suffer injuries after a workplace accident, you should know what to do.

How common are slip and fall accidents?

Among the most common workplace accidents are slip and fall accidents. These incidents can occur in various workplaces and account for around 1 million trips to the emergency room every year. When a person suffers a slip and fall at work, it often results in serious injuries and workers’ compensation claims being filed.

What can cause a slip and fall accident?

Usually, a slip and fall accident occurs because people have to walk over floors that are too slick or slippery. Sometimes, it might be a combination of a newly-cleaned and polished floor coupled with the wrong pair of shoes. More often, these workplace accidents take place due to floors being wet and slippery or carpeting or rugs being uneven and not flat on the floor’s surface. If a person doesn’t notice the issue, it can cause them to take a tumble.

Slip and falls can also occur when the lighting conditions are poor and workers can’t clearly see where they’re going.

What should you do after suffering a slip and fall at work?

There are certain things employees should do after suffering workplace accidents. The first step is to immediately seek medical attention. Even if you initially feel fine, you might have a serious injury and symptoms may take hours or even days to show.

Report the accident to your supervisor and ask them to make a report in writing. Ask to get a copy of it for your own evidence. You will want to gather additional evidence to support filing a workers’ compensation claim. Taking photos and getting witness statements are among the things you should do.

Finally, you should avoid saying anything that could possibly be misconstrued as an admission of fault for your slip and fall accident. You should also refrain from posting about the accident on social media. The best thing to do is limit discussion of the accident with doctors.

Workplace accidents can result in serious injuries. If this happens to you, you have the legal right to file a workers’ compensation claim.