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Injuries that can happen at retail jobs

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If you work at a retail store in Georgia, you may benefit from learning more about injuries that can happen at these workplaces. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, retail accounts for nearly 15% of all workplace injuries and illnesses. The rate and number of workplace injuries and illnesses have increased more in retail than in any other industry. Retail was the only private industry to see the number of total recordable cases grow in 2018.

Common injuries in retail

Some of the most common injuries retail workers suffer from include sprains, strains, and tears. Pain and soreness are also common conditions that many retail workers experience. Other common workplace injuries include bruises, cuts, punctures, lacerations, and fractures. The most common causes of workplace injuries in retail include overexertion and contact with equipment or objects. Many retail workers also suffer injuries caused by falls, trips, and slips.

Retail injuries and younger employees

New employees, especially younger staff from different fields, lack experience and aren’t receiving training on best safety practices. Employees under age 30 account for one-third of the injuries in retail. However, these injuries and illnesses are typically less expensive to treat. Employees under 30 only account for 16% of the losses attributed to workers’ compensation claims in retail. The increasing number of employees over age 70 have the highest claims, suffer the worst injuries and miss the most time from work.

Retail injuries in the U.S.

Retail workers are now getting injured more than factory workers. One of the leading challenges in retail is the high level of turnover, and safety in the retail industry is often dismissed by management and the employees. Legal counsel may be able to help retail workers who have suffered injuries caused by unsafe working conditions.