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What are the most common types of accidents for maritime workers?

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Virtually all jobs involving physical labor have some safety hazards, but those involving work on boats or ships encounter circumstances that workers often won’t find in situations on land. Maritime workers in Georgia can sustain injuries in several common situations that make them eligible for compensation.

Going beyond overboard accidents

Falling off a ship into the water is the most common and dangerous incident where maritime workers can sustain injuries. However, a host of other workplace accidents occur on riverboats and oceangoing ships, potentially resulting in severe injuries. These include:

  • Accidents in tight spaces where gases build
  • Electrical shocks
  • Equipment explosions
  • Mooring operations
  • Falling from masts and other high areas
  • Piracy attacks
  • Lifeboat testing
  • Work involving flames of high temperatures
  • Falls on gangways or other slippery surfaces

Reasons for maritime accidents

Accidents on ships are often due to a lack of maintenance or because proper safety precautions were not heeded or installed. For incidents involving the operation of machinery, workers may not have received the property training to do their tasks safely. When piracy causes maritime worker to sustain injuries through attacks, the shipping company could be at fault if the captain did not heed warnings about pirates in the area.

What if you are injured on a ship?

As with other types of workplace accidents, some maritime employers will try to blame workers for causing the incident. Longshoremen and maritime workers injured on the job may still qualify for workers’ compensation to help them cover medical expenses and lost wages.

If you have been injured in a maritime accident, contacting a lawyer who deals with maritime cases may help. A legal professional may be able to help a worker prove that the shipping company was at fault.