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Do forklifts present risks for workplace accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Without a forklift, many construction sites, warehouses and other worksites would become much more physically demanding places for employees. Forklifts same time and money for Georgia companies since they make so many tasks more efficient. However, forklifts, like motor vehicles, could present safety risks and the potential for catastrophic injuries. Workers and managers should adhere to smart steps for better safety on the job.

A strong path for forklift safety

Fundamental forklift safety involves proper care and maintenance. For example, if a forklift’s brakes don’t work, consider the equipment hazardous. Routine inspections should be the norm, and it’s important to perform any required repairs without unnecessary delays.

Only qualified and certified professionals should operate a forklift. Allowing someone who lacks knowledge, training and experience to move a forklift around could end in disaster. Such negligence may lead to avoidable injuries because an unskilled person puts potentially dangerous equipment into motion.

Other ways to address forklift issues

Forklift operators may hurt themselves or pedestrians when an accident happens. Forklift operators should know how to steer clear of pedestrians, but fellow employees may not know how to move safely around forklifts. Training everyone at the job site about safety could keep such mishaps from happening, and adding barriers to increase safety is also wise.

However, a work zone could come with many problems. Clutter, uneven surfaces and other issues may cause trouble. Management should take steps to fix any issues.

Workers’ comp after a forklift accident

Workplace accidents involving forklifts could lead to workers’ compensation or civil liability claims. Such actions might help someone recover damages and cover expenses while they’re out of work.

An attorney may assist someone suffering after an incident. For example, the attorney may help a client deal with any hurdles during the workers’ compensation claim process.