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Who is at risk for heat stress?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Georgia is prone to some very hot weather throughout the summer months. Unfortunately, this hot weather can be dangerous for workers who are exposed to it for long periods of time. Heat stress is a common condition that outdoor workers are prone to, and it can cause other health-related conditions.

What is heat stress?

Workers’ compensation insurance companies define heat stress as a series of symptoms that are a direct result of overheating of the body. Some common symptoms of heat stress that workers experience include heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dizziness, collapse, cessation of sweating, heat rash and heat cramps. Those with existing heart conditions, children and the elderly are more at risk for this condition.

Who is at risk?

Apart from the individuals mentioned above, heat stress is a common condition among workers who perform strenuous physical labor in an outdoor environment. It’s important for employers to realize that it takes the human body two to three weeks to get acclimated to a hot working environment. In addition, the body can lose its acclimation in just a few days. For this reason, it’s important for workers to be cautious when returning to work after a vacation or at the beginning of a heatwave.

How to prevent heat stress at work

One good thing about heat stress is that it can be prevented if proper precautionary measures are put into place. First, all employees should be given the proper amount of time to adjust to the heat demands of their job. Second, they should be appropriately trained to recognize the symptoms associated with heat stress so that they can adequately notify a supervisor if they experience any of them.

Heat stress is not an uncommon condition for workers who spend a great deal of time outdoors. Unfortunately, employers sometimes push employees too hard, and workers end up suffering the symptoms associated with heat stress. If you’ve suffered heat stress at your job, it’s important to talk to an attorney about filing a worker’s compensation claim.