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Do you qualify for long-term disability under workers’ comp?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Some people who have an injury or illness that makes them unable to return to work qualify for long-term disability under workers’ comp. You will need to look into the eligibility requirements in your locale and apply to know for certain if you qualify. In Georgia, you could receive both SSDI and workers’ compensation if you qualify for both.

Exposure and repetitive motions

Workers’ compensation might cover injuries and conditions that result from work-related exposure and repetitive motions. Illnesses that can result from exposure to hazardous environmental and chemical substances include cancer, digestive disorders, asthma, respiratory inflammation and heart and circulatory system problems.

Doctor’s assessment

Your doctor’s evaluation of your condition determines if you qualify for workers’ compensation. Once you reach the maximum medical improvement, your doctor estimates a percentage of disability for the affected body parts. If the physician declares you have a permanent and total disability, you could receive weekly payments for life or a lump sum to cover the estimated cost of all future payments. Examples of permanent and total disability are the loss of two limbs and blindness in both eyes.

You don’t need a permanent and total disability to get workers’ comp. The state covers permanent partial disability too.

Self-Inflicted health issues

Workers’ comp doesn’t cover injuries, illnesses or health conditions that the employee is responsible for. An example of this situation is if the employee was under the influence of an illegal substance when they hurt themselves.

As long as you can prove that your employer is responsible for your long-term or permanent disability, there is a good chance you qualify for workers’ compensation. You’ll know for certain once you apply. Consult with a lawyer if you need assistance in obtaining benefits that you think you qualify for.