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What are some common shipyard workplace mishaps?

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Shipyards in Georgia remain busy hubs of activity. Workers might perform many jobs ranging from loading to welding to repairs. The physical nature of the worksite could create some concerns. Namely, people may fear the risk of injury. Knowing what common shipyard injuries to look out for could help a worker avoid a potential mishap.

Common accidents at shipyards

Slip-and-fall accidents could occur anywhere, so no one should feel surprised that such incidents may happen at a shipyard. Surfaces may become slippery, and persons working outside might deal with hazards related to inclement weather. Objects placed on the ground could prove hazardous at a shipyard, and any trip could lead to an injury.

Objects might also fall. Imagine cargo coming loose when hoisted onto a ship. Or, someone might drop a tool that lands on someone. The potential for falling object-related mishaps could be significant.

Other dangers add to the risks associated with working at a shipyard. Electrical mishaps, burns, and injuries from power tools all loom. Even a sincerely careful worker could end up hurt.

Other issues of concern for workers

Exposure to the elements could lead to sickness and injuries. And what if there are chemical hazards at the shipyard? Exposure to fume, toxins, and other substances might result in a severe illness. Explosions may happen, even when managers and workers take many precautions. Years of toiling on the job might even lead to physical problems. Acute injuries may occur as well.

Since Georgia operates as a no-fault workers’ compensation state, negligence need not play a role in the claim. Workplace accidents, however, might involve negligence on the part of a non-employer third party. Persons with questions about workers’ compensation and potential litigation could consult with an attorney.