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Injuries common to the manufacturing industry

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Injuries in the workplace are always a risk for workers in Georgia. But employees in some professions know they face a greater risk of injury than people working at other jobs. The manufacturing industry definitely experiences its share of injuries. The good news for manufacturing workers is that increased awareness of risks and safety requirements will lower the rate of workplace mishaps.

Common injuries for manufacturing workers

Nearly one in three injuries to manufacturing workers involves a sprain, strain or tear to a muscle. Cuts, punctures and lacerations represent the second most likely type, and these happen in 13% of the cases where manufacturing workers sustain injuries.

Muscle soreness and fractures represent the next two most common injury categories for manufacturing workers, making up 12% and 11% of injuries, respectively. The fifth most common type of injury manufacturing workers suffer on the job is bruising, which makes up 7% of injuries.

Injury causes

Manufacturing workers can help protect themselves from common injuries by knowing what circumstances require extra caution in their industry. Overexertion and contact with equipment are responsible for more than 60% of injuries to manufacturing workers. Employees should also remain alert to the possibility of slips and falls, repetitive motion injuries and exposure to dangerous substances while in the work environment.

Accident prevention

A joint effort from employees and employers will help to mitigate the risk of workplace injuries for manufacturing workers. Employers should ensure workers have the personal protective equipment they need to keep themselves safe. Workers should resign themselves to the proper use of this equipment when needed. Markers and signs will alert workers to dangerous circumstances, and safety training will provide them with the know-how to protect themselves and others in the workplace.

Accidents in the workplace can completely alter the course of an injured worker’s life. Individuals who suffer a workplace injury may find it easier to receive the compensation they need by speaking with an attorney.