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How does fatigue affect the workplace?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Almost 33% of employees in a recent survey admitted that they slept less than five hours on a typical workday. Meanwhile, doctors recommend that adults get between seven and nine hours daily. Lack of sleep can cause many injuries in the workplace. Each fatigued employee can also cost Georgia employers an average of $2,200 annually.

How is “fatigued” defined?

Fatigued is defined as feeling tired or drowsy. If you find yourself lacking your usual energy, then you may be fatigued. Fatigued workers must put forth extra energy to perform their typical work tasks. They must also be extra careful to avoid making mistakes. Workers who work over 60 hours per week are at the highest risk.

How does fatigue affect the workplace?

Workers who work second shift are 18% more likely to have a workplace injury than those working dayshift. Those who work nights are 30% more likely to suffer a workplace injury. Employees who routinely work 12 hours or longer shifts are 37% more likely to suffer a workplace injury than those who work shorter shifts.

What happens when a worker is tired?

An exhausted worker who has gone 17 to 19 hours without sleep’s reaction speed is 50% slower than a well-rested employee’s rate. Tired workers also exhibited less eye-hand coordination, less depth perception and had more trouble maintaining their balance. People who did not get enough sleep were more apt to participate in riskier behavior, which could cause workplace accidents. A lawyer may be able to help you if you feel your employer caused your fatigue.

Fatigued employees are more likely to suffer workplace injuries. Since they often make flawed decisions, they can also harm other employees. If you feel that your own fatigue was caused by working too many hours and contributed to an injury, or a fatigued employee has injured you, know that a lawyer may be able to help.