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Training workers on lockout/tagout procedures

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Dangerous machines can unexpectedly energize and start up, injuring those who happen to be working on them. To prevent these, Georgia employers should have what are called lockout/tagout procedures in place. LOTO procedures prevent around 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries every year across the U.S., yet LOTO violations ranked fourth in OSHA’s Top 10 list of most cited safety violations.

What to do when shutting machinery down

LOTO training begins with how to properly shut down machinery as there can be hazards associated with this. Shutdown instructions should be written clearly, in great detail and in the correct sequence. This helps prevent damage to the equipment.

The isolation and lockout process

Workers should be able to identify a machine’s isolation points, which are those areas where the machine can be disconnected from its power sources. Workers should then isolate it from all primary and secondary power sources, leading the way to the lockout process. One will apply a lockout device to the energy isolation equipment and then tag it according to the company’s own safety procedures.

Before workers start to perform their repairs or maintenance on the machine, they should test to see that the machine won’t energize by switching it on. Once everything is done, the same person who applied the lockout device should remove it.

A lawyer to assist with workers’ compensation claims

The failure to control energy can lead to workers having their extremities caught in a machine, among other things. Perhaps you were injured in a machine-related incident and you are seeking workers’ compensation benefits now. A lawyer may help with this procedure as well as with filing an appeal if the employer tries to deny the claim.