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Union workers are supported by labor unions who are meant to be there for them for any complication that arises in their employment, including after they have been hurt while performing regular work duties. Due to the complications surrounding workers’ compensation law, however, union workers may find themselves in a more difficult situation when pursuing compensation than nonunionized employees. If you have found yourself stuck between your union and your employer and cannot seem to gain any ground towards financial benefits, you should call 770.285.5542 right away. At Herbert Chestnut & Associates, our Cobb County workers’ compensation attorneys can walk you through any sort of legal complexity involving workers’ comp claim, even if you are primarily represented by a labor union.

We can help union worker clients who work in the following professions and more:

No matter your union, we can help you navigate your claim and determine what you need to do next to start receiving fair workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace accident. Use our free online case evaluation form now to schedule your first meeting with us.

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Between your parent company and your labor union, you might not know who to turn to for assistance after you have been hurt on the job. It is also likely that neither side is willing to openly cooperate with the other, or put things into terms that you can understand and actually use to benefit your claim. When you need someone to step in, make sense of the situation, and remove the unnecessary legalese, you can rely on our Cobb County workers’ comp lawyers. Consider us your legal advocates and negotiators who are ready and willing to do all they can to advance your claim and set you up for a comfortable recovery.

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