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Herniated Disc Injuries

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A disc is the cushion that rests between the vertebrae of the spine and acts as a shock absorber. A herniated disc is a disc that is pushed out of its normal position between the vertebrae of the spine. This results in pinched spinal nerves and extreme back pain. If untreated, a herniated disc can result in the medical condition "cauda equine syndrome."

Herniated discs are some of the most common back injuries sustained by workers. They can result after a fall, as a result of whiplash from a car accident or can be caused over time by repeated activities such as bending and lifting. Employees who perform heavy labor at work are most vulnerable to herniated disc injuries.

Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

You could be suffering from a herniated disc if:

  • You heard a "pop" at the time of the injury
  • You are experiencing serious back pain
  • You feel numbness / tingling in one or both legs
  • You are having bladder or bowel problems
  • You are having difficulty walking, exercising or working your job

Importance of Seeking Prompt Medical Care

After you have sustained an injury, it is important that you seek medical treatment immediately. Depending on the severity of your injury, a doctor may prescribe prescriptions medications, epidural steroid injections and/or surgery. If you delay receiving medical care and retaining the services of a workers compensation attorney, you may either receive an inadequate settlement or no settlement at all.

Why Hire an Attorney to Help You?

You should be aware that insurance companies will try to minimize your injuries and discredit your claim. We can work with medical experts to prove the connection between your work-related accident and your injury.

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