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Have you been injured on the job? Are you wondering how you’ll support yourself and your family while dealing with expensive medical bills and time out of work?

The workers’ compensation system is in place to help people like you get the financial support they need after suffering on-the-job injuries. Regardless of who was at fault for the accident that led to your injury, you may be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits. Our team at Herbert Chestnut & Associates is here to help you file a claim and navigate the process.

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How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

In Georgia, you have one year from the date of your last authorized medical treatment to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. If you lost a loved one in a workplace accident, you also have just one year to pursue a claim.

The first step in filing a claim is to inform your employer. You must inform your employer within 30 days of sustaining or discovering your injury. Be sure to submit the notice in writing to a supervisor or HR manager.

Your Rights as an Injured Worker

After reporting a workplace injury to your employer, the company cannot retaliate against you in any capacity.

This includes:

  • Demotion
  • Termination
  • Pay Decrease
  • Passing you up for a promotion

Keep in mind that your company does have the right to fill your position while you are out of work and receiving workers’ compensation, if you are an at-will employee.

Workers’ Compensation Appeals

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, don’t panic – you can still appeal the decision. At Herbert Chestnut & Associates, our Savannah workers’ compensation attorney can help you pursue an appeal and build a strong case on your behalf. We have helped many injured Georgians recover the compensation they need even after initially being denied.

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