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The Defense Base Act

Serving Federal Employees Injured Overseas

Are you a U.S. government employee who has been injured while working for the government overseas? Under the Defense Base Act (DBA), you may be eligible to recover benefits if you sustained a work-related injury. This act was created to provide injury coverage to all workers who are involved in military and non-military projects overseas contracted by the U.S. government. All agencies with U.S. government contracts are required to carry DBA insurance in the event of a workplace injury.

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The Defense Base Act can cover the following employees:

  • Employees who work on military bases of reservations outside of the U.S.
  • Employees working on U.S. government-funded public works projects internationally
  • Employees engaging in military or public works projects with a foreign government (the project must be considered essential for U.S. National Security)
  • Employees who provide services overseas that are funded by the U.S. government (military or non-military)
  • Employees or sub-contractors of agencies contracted with the U.S. government

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